outdoor kitchen floor space and extra counter space
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Essential: Room to Move

3. "Outdoor kitchens are one place where bigger really is better," says Sacramento, California, landscape designer Michael Glassman. "You'll never be sorry you allowed for extra counter space, because inside or out, everyone crowds around the cook. Plus, you'll be able to cook better if you give your guests somewhere to sit, or lean, or work." Cast a critical eye on an existing deck or patio; you may already have space for a generously sized outdoor cooking area. Just be sure to check local zoning laws regarding size and location of your kitchen setup (these regulate, among other things, the safe clearance between open flames and combustible surfaces). For a relatively small investment, you can add a high bar with seating off the prep station.
An all-weather folding bar can be had for $300, with mahogany stools for $100 each Grandin Road.

Bottom Line: Don't skimp on space, but comply with local codes.
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