a fuel-efficiency meter mountable to a car dashboard made by PLX Devices
Photo: Courtesy of PLX Devices
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Fuel-Pump Frugality

Mom may feel a special kinship with Danica Patrick, but her speed-demon ways come back to haunt her at the pump. The Kiwi helps her amend her gas-guzzling habits by giving her real-time data about how her driving affects fuel consumption. The device plugs into the OBDII diagnostic port, located near the steering column, and senses acceleration, deceleration, drag, and smoothness for any vehicle made in 1996 or after. Every time Mom drives, a Kiwi score is calculated, and she can keep track of how much fuel she has saved by increasing her score (the higher the better). It measures 2 1/5 inches tall by 3 2/5 inches wide by ½ inch thick.

About $299, PLX Devices
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