remodel in Minneapolis, MN with altered roofline, new paint job, energy-efficient windows and painted on address numbers
Photo: Ken Gutmaker
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Work the Angles: After

So they chose the easier and less expensive option of putting on a front gable. Bumping forward 2 feet—just enough to add window seats to the second-floor bedrooms—the dormer adds depth and height while keeping the roof's original ridgeline intact. Faux brackets and new windows highlight the home's updated symmetry, while a triangle of board-on-board siding under the eaves adds texture and character to the now stuccoed, sage-colored home.

What's it worth? Stylish, durable architectural asphalt shingles, which are thicker and more substantial looking than regular three-tab ones, were used to reroof the house. They should last 20 years. Homeowners can expect to recoup up to 63 percent of the cost if they sell.
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