remodel in Kensington, MD with natural cedar shakes, new planters and a new head for a lamppost
Photo: Kenneth Wyner
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Revisit the Past: After

So he reshingled the gable with natural cedar shakes and used a historically appropriate beige paint on the siding below, as well as the brick columns in the front of the yard. A reddish-brown mahogany door pops against the earth-toned hues, naturally drawing your eye into the house. Helping the effect is a new columned portico that frames the entrance. Having an ample overhang—about 4 feet deep—offers valuable protection from the rain when fumbling for keys and also helps lengthen the life span of a wood door by sheltering it from the elements. The stoop was rebuilt to match the fieldstone foundation, while flagstone pavers replaced the old brick path.

What's it worth? A new solid-wood entry door complements the home's architecture and should last a lifetime. Homeowners can expect to recoup up to 100 percent of the cost if they sell.
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