entryway with shrub-lined winding curve leading to front entry
Photo: Mark Turner
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Playing Up to the Entry: Winding Curve

"Here the landscape looks like it has grown up around the house naturally. It's hard to tell what’s cultivated and what's not. A limbed-up tree to the left seems like a natural imitation of the home's columns, and since the red, blue, and yellow flowers are scattered about, instead of situated in one place, the design looks organic. The rounded garden beds subtly push you toward the entry. With the roof's steep overhang, the simple bench is a nicely protected spot to put down packages before unlocking the door or to sit and enjoy the garden."

Money-Saver: Yes, it can cost thousands to have a landscape architect design your front entry. But for under $100, you can have a pro review your DIY plans to point out any potentially bad moves.
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