remodel in Seneca Falls, NY with new paint job, shutters and porch planters
Photo: David Lamb
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Polish with Paint: After

Since painting the fascia board in a contrasting color really works only with elaborate house styles such as Carpenter Gothic or Second Empire Victorians, they turned the aqua band running around their house to a light gray that blends in with the slate roof. With the clapboards now a creamy yellow and the shutters a hunter green, the 1905 Colonial Revival has reclaimed its charm.

What's It worth? A good paint job should last 10 to 15 years, so it's never a good idea to skimp on quality. With clapboards, be sure to prime dry wood and use top-of-the-line products that have additives such as mildewcides and defoamers. Homeowners can recoup up to 75 percent of their cost if they sell.
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