tardigrade-shaped house in Berkeley, CA
Photo: Courtesy of Eugene Tsui
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Tsui House

Berkeley, California

This home may look familiar to you if you know anything about Tardigrades—microscopic animals said to be the world's most indestructible living creatures. The 2000-square-foot Tardigrade-shaped residence was designed by Eugene Tsui to be "the world's safest house." Its aerodynamic shape and Ener-grid Block construction, which utilizes recycled Styrofoam and cement blocks reinforced with steel and concrete, is meant to improve the home's fire and wind resistance. Shelving and cabinetry are built into the structure to lessen the likelihood of falling or breaking pieces in the event of an earthquake. According to the designer's site, walls are angled inward at 4 degrees to "create a compressive structure with a low center of gravity further aiding in resistance to lateral turnover forces produced by strong earthquakes."
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