hallway wall covered in mulberry laminate panels made by Engineered Timber Resources
Photo: Courtesy of Engineered Timber Resources
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Mulberry Panels

Engineered Timber Resources (ETR) is tapping into China's abundant mulberry resources—100% post-industrial by-products from the silk and pharmaceutical industries—to create composite wood panels with intense patterns. Each year, silkworms ravage mulberry leaves to create silk fibers, and branches are trimmed to facilitate regrowth. Once the bark has been stripped for medicinal remedies, the branches are diverted from the landfill to ETR for compression. A variety of natural dye-stained (surface color only) or infused (solid-body color throughout) shades are available. You can even put a modern twist on your order with a blue infusion. ETR's engineered composite wood can be customized to resemble and replace popular and endangered wood varieties for interior flooring, architectural paneling, and furniture. Product is made to order, so dimensions vary.

Flooring (one thick wear layer on top side) is about $8-$9 per square foot; paneling (one thick wear layer for walls, and two thick wear layers on either side for furniture and other building projects) is about $12-$14 per square foot; Engineered Timber Resources
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