3form EcoResin sheets used as a veneer to spruce up bare walls
Photo: Courtesy of 3form
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Varia Ecoresin

Walls can be boring, the Varia interlayer system from 3form transforms plain walls into art pieces. This customizable material is made of 40% post-industrial recycled resin and can be ordered from any of 10 design categories, including Organics, which has natural specimens, such as thinly-sliced bamboo, carefully arranged within (shown); and Pure Color, which offers 50,000 color combinations. Panels can be layered over existing walls or used for other architectural dividers, such as shower doors or privacy screens. Various layering combinations and finishes allow for light transmission without transparency, and easy-to-maintain panels wipe clean like glass with 40 times the impact strength. A design splurge, EcoResin upgrades are a sound investment that will last as long as the house does. Sheets are 4 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 10 feet, and vary in thickness from 1/16 inch to 1 inch.

Starts at about $400 per sheet; 3form
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