packaged EcoRock gypsum-free drywall sitting on top of blades of grass
Photo: Courtesy of Serious Materials
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Gypsum drywall hasn't changed much since it was invented over 100 years ago. Now, Serious Materials presents this green, gypsum-free alternative. EcoRock is made of 80% post-industrial recycled materials and requires 80% less energy to produce than its counterpart. If and when you choose to remove EcoRock from your structure, it can be used as a pH additive for soil and, unlike regular drywall, is safe to dispose of in landfills. EcoRock also outperforms other mold-resistant drywall by 50% and offers a cleaner score and snap that emits 60% less dust. Boards are tile-backer-board qualified and ceiling-sag resistant. They're available in ½-inch-thick and -inch-thick sheets that measure 8 feet by 4 feet.

The company promises EcoRock will be competitively priced, similar to other mold-resistant premium drywall; Serious Materials
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