bronze tiles made by Saint-Gaudens used in a backsplash with fruit in the foreground
Photo: Courtesy of Saint-Gaudens
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Bronze Art Tiles

These Saint-Gaudens art tiles are "cradle-to-cradle" recyclable products, meaning they can be repeatedly refined for reuse, like gold or silver. They're made of recycled copper and other materials, and can be installed using thinset, industrial adhesive, or epoxy adhesive. Regular water-mix grout is your best bet, as grouts with a stain guard will chemically react with the metal, changing the color of both grout and tile. Personalize backsplashes or tiled walls by punctuating patterns with these intricate accent pieces. There are 33 Classic Collection Bronze Tiles, ranging in size from 1-inch squares to 8-inch squares. Barcelona large tile, shown here, measures 4 inches square.

$20 to $230, depending on size and design; Saint-Gaudens
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