colorful tile flooring made from limestone and BioStride made by Armstrong
Photo: Courtesy of Armstrong
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Migrations Biobased Tile

With its toxic PVC and phthalate plasticizer content, and high VOC-releasing stripping and waxing maintenance requirements, there's probably nothing less eco-friendly than vinyl composition tile (VCT). Still, VCT is widely used for its affordability and easy installation. Migrations Biobased Tile, like VCT, contains limestone. However, Armstrong uses 10% preconsumer recycled limestone along with BioStride, a polymer containing rapidly renewable U.S.-grown plant ingredients that reduces reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels in the manufacturing process. For only slightly more than you'd pay for VCT, this alternative offers twice the indent resistance, five times greater resistance to impact, and greater resistance to cracking from uneven subfloors. Tiles are available in 28 colors and measure 12 inches square.

About $3 per square foot installed; Armstrong
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