tiles made from recycled leather in Sage Buffalo style made by EcoDomo
Photo: Courtesy of EcoDomo
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Leather Tiles

Even luxurious leather gets thrown away; scraps from furniture, shoe, car seat, and other tanneries eventually make their way to landfills. EcoDomo gathers real leather scraps and stone-grinds them to make sheets for richly-hued tiles and panels. The naturally sound-absorbent tiles install like cork or vinyl (preglued tiles are available). For care and upkeep of floor tiles, use a damp mop to clean them; wax them three times a year, or use a topical sealer once every five to 10 years. Wall tiles do not need wax or additional maintenance. EcoDomo offers eight colors, four textures, and nine size and shape varieties. (Sage Buffalo tiles are shown here, but rectangular panels and rolls are also available.) Tiles range from 6 inches square to 24 inches square.

About $15-$30 per square foot; EcoDomo
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