tiles made from recycled cocnut shells manufactured by Kirei
Photo: Courtesy of Kirei
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Coco Tiles

Innovation in green building includes finding creative ways to reclaim by-products. Kirei leads the pack in this effort with a striking new line of textured coconut shell tiles. Typically, shells left over after harvest are discarded or burned, adding to landfill waste and air pollution. Now, some are repurposed into these decorative tiles with intricate basket-weave or scalloped designs, reminiscent of your last island vacation. Each tile is finished with low-VOC resin and set on a backer made of sustainably harvested wood. The tiles are easily cut with a dry tile saw and installed with panel adhesive and nails. Kirei doesn't recommend Coco installation in any room where food or other particles can get lodged in the tiles' grooves, or water can warp the tiles' wood backer. For basic cleaning, a dusting cloth or damp rag with a mild household cleaner will do the trick. Tiles are 11.8 inches square and panels are 47.2 inches square.

About $25-$45 per square foot; Kirei
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