exterior of cottage remodel in Austin, TX
Photo: Casey Dunn Styled by Kay Bay

Lifting the Lid

We've all heard the expression "The second time's the charm." And that's just how Anne and Andy Lyon have come to feel after remodeling their 1938 Austin, Texas, cottage twice in a decade, adding not only space but also character with their latest—and they swear their last—redo.

Determined to stay in a house and a neighborhood they loved, they grafted on a master suite and family room the first time around. Cut to 2006 and daughter Molly's quest for every teen's dream: a private bath. So the Lyons decided to finish raw attic space above the living room to create a suite so charming, Anne says with a laugh, it would be a "please come home often" enticement when college rolled around.

Entry door: Rogue Valley Door
Windows: Kolbe & Kolbe
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