build modular bookshelves beneath the living room stairs
Photo: Elizabeth Whiting and Associates
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Build Beneath Living Room Stairs

In many homes, the area under the stairs is just boxed in or has a teeny closet with such a steeply pitched ceiling that its recesses are barely accessible. A better solution is to fill the wedge-shaped void with storage units that are open to the rest of the room. You could hire a pro to create a custom assembly or simply make your own built-ins with a combination of stock kitchen cabinets from the home center. Start with a tall pantry unit, then angle down the line with a combination of smaller rectangular wall cabinets and base drawer units. It's even easier and less expensive to build cubbies like the painted plywood ones shown here, from KAA Design Group. The series of rectangular boxes are placed one on top of the other in descending order and then screwed together through their tops, bottoms, and sides.

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