build a wall-to-wall window seat on the stair landing
Photo: Julian Wass
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Build Wall-to-Wall on a Stair Landing

Most midstair landings serve no other purpose than to provide a place to pivot 180 degrees before climbing the rest of the way up. But construct a seat along its back wall and it'll become a favorite spot to peruse the morning paper. For larger landings like this one, trade the seat cushion for a twin mattress (which measures 39 by 75 inches) and the built-in can double as a comfy spot for a nap. A cubby in the bottom of this bench, made by Montauk, New York, contractor Robert Biondo, provides ample storage for books and other reading material. In smaller landings or niches elsewhere in the house, such as an alcove created by a dormer, plan for a seat that's long enough and deep enough for an adult to rest comfortably against a side wall with legs outstretched.

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