water filtration system called Helia by Everpure that provides clean water in hot or ice cold
Photo: Courtesy of Everpure
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Everpure: Helia Instant Hot or Chilled Water

Helia's undersink appliance instantly delivers filtered hot water (200 degrees F) or chilled water (40 degrees F) through a single faucet. Make a hot cup of tea or create a quick meal, or cool off in the summer with a refreshing drink. The 115-volt unit's whisper-quiet, ozone-friendly compressor produces 2.1 gallons per hour of hot water and 6.6 gallons per hour of cold water. Install it in a well-ventilated cabinet to avoid heat buildup.

About $1,600 (stainless-steel faucet and filtering system not included); Everpure
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