the Cree dimmable LED downlight
Photo: Courtesy of Cree
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Cree: Dimmable LED Downlight

For all their benefits—ultralow power consumption, 50,000-hour lifetime, and no toxic ingredients—the sickly light emitted by most LEDs is hardly appealing in today’s homes. To overcome that issue, Cree developed the LR6, a light that uses a combination of yellow and red LEDs to create that warm incandescent look without the wasted electricity. The LR6 consumes just 12 watts of electricity while producing 650 lumens of light, the equivalent of a 75-watt incandescent. This dimmable light also actively manages the output of the LEDs, so the color and light intensity remain consistent during its expected 25-year lifetime. Don’t forget to factor in their longevity when you see how much they cost:

About $100 each; Cree
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