custom-made hooks from Live Wire Farm Timber
Photo: Live Wire Farm Timber
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A Unique Hook

Few of us gets a taste of the simple life first hand, but these custom-made hooks from Live Wire Farm Timber are the next best thing. Just e-mail John with an idea of what you need. He has the hooks shown here and hooks for heavier items, and he handcrafts other products from wood branches, such as bookshelf supports, napkin rings, and spoons. He'll get back to you as farm time allows, usually about a week. Before you think, hmm, I could make these myself—and we're sure you could—John's hooks, made of maple, beech, birch, and other hardwoods grown in Jacksonville, Vermont, are dried for 24 months and then crafted into their final shape, so unless you intend to make your own hooks for someone who has a lot of patience, it may be easier to just buy them from John. About $40, Live Wire Farm Timber
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