Jeff Coghill,and Metabo Powergrip II
Photo: Mark Weiss
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Metabo Powergrip II

Highlights: Has a right-angle attachment for tight spaces and a ¼-inch jawed chuck attachment for standard drill bits.

Tester: Jeff Coghill, Atlanta, Georgia

Skill level: Seasoned DIYer ("I've built two additions to my house.")

Used tool for: Driving screws. Verdict: "It drove 115 drywall screws with consistent power and even speed. I felt like it would easily handle twice as much work on the same charge."

Tool stats: 1.6 pounds; 7.2 volts; 20-position clutch; ¼-inch hex-bit chuck; 750 rpm; 142 in.-lbs. of torque.

Price: About $230; Metabo

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