Black & Decker's 8 Automatic Adjustable Wrench
Photo: Black & Decker
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For Your Main Squeeze

When we asked what the TOH Community wanted for Valentine's Day, Junior Member NOVA Pros answered, "I would like to have that new wrench that can self-adjust, but just don't know how well it works." It wasn't long before Junior Member calcats identified and vouched for Black & Decker's 8-inch Automatic Adjustable Wrench: "It works very well once you get used to it." What's there to get used to, you ask? This new tool automatically adjusts itself to any size up to 1¼ inches with the push of a button, eliminating manual adjustment. The wrench's 220 foot-pounds of torque mean it can handle a range of jobs, and one-hand operation creates less fumbling in tight spaces. It's powered by 2 AA batteries (included), which will allow for about 650 cycles. About $25; Black & Decker
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