floor plan of the new bathroom design
Illustration: Ian Worpole
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What They Did

The footprint, layout, and tub stayed the same in the roughly 40-square-foot bath, while the sink and toilet were swapped out for new.

1. Created a useful shelf for toiletries in dead space between the window and tub, an unavoidable gap, as the tub's only feasible location blocks the casement's unusual inward swing.

2. Restored the tub in place, given the room's tight quarters and low, sloped ceiling, which rises from 4 feet to 7 feet at its highest point.

3. Maximized space between fixtures with a replacement vanity 13 inches deep instead of 15 inches deep, like the old one. Building code requires 2 inches between it and the tub and 21 from tub to toilet.
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