before and after living room remodel
photo: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn
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Create Distinctive Trim With Stock Parts

Adding simple woodwork details can make a major difference in a room—and can be done using low-cost lumber. For this living room's handsome cornice trim, Kara used salvaged baseboards and floor joists. Bought for $10 per board, she had to de-nail and remill them. But you can get the same look by running standard 1x8 lumber along the walls and 1x4 strips on the ceiling. Then install 1 5/8-inch-thick paint-grade brackets.

Bonus Ideas: Comb salvage yards for deals. These stained-glass pocket doors cost 80 percent less than new ones.

Look for good reproductions from unexpected places, like these $6 glass bulb covers from a home center.

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