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5. Fix Up the Basement

For TOH messageboarder john galt 2008 has been "a wondrous year"—in a manner of speaking. As he tells his tale of woe, "Financial and time constraints along with a failed sump pump in April 2008 have played their part in thwarting my 2007 resolutions... So, in effect, my 2007 resolutions to complete my projects have become my 2008 and soon to be 2009 resolutions. My resolutions for 2009 will include, but not be limited to, replacing the laminate tile and wood floor in my basement which were damaged when the sump pump failed."

We feel your pain, john galt. And so do your fellow TOH readers, including Gary Fink of Findlay, Ohio, who, having suffered a flood, called in a flood specialist for the immediate emergency and mold mitigation, but did much of the later repair work himself because his insurance didn't cover labor costs.

To help you get your basement back into shape, we can show you how to:
Install a Floating Wood Floor
Laminate Your Basement Surfaces

And, finally, TOH general contractor Tom Silva can show you how a new sump pump is installed, a tough job that you might want to leave to the pros.
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