master bedroom in converted carriage house
Photo: Paul Whicheloe
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Master Bedroom

The upstairs rooms—the previous owner's bachelor quarters—still had their original varnished trim, casement windows, and Douglas fir floors. By breaking through the old plaster ceiling to tap unused attic space, the couple raised the master bedroom's 8-foot ceiling to 15 feet and exposed the original rafters. Some of them were so thick, the contractor was able to halve them lengthwise and use the extra pieces to enhance the decorative effect.

To gain floor space, a bumpout with two bay windows and window seats was cantilevered off one end of the house. The fireplace, which is stacked above the one added downstairs, was built to match the original chimney at the other end of the house. The granite keystone and the bluestone mantel and hearth are hallmarks of Tudor style.
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