Kitchen From Carriage House to Cozy Home
Photo: Paul Whicheloe
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As the main area began to take shape, the couple faced a dilemma over its white-glazed bricks. "They were incredible to look at, so no one really wanted them to come down," says kitchen designer Joan Picone. "But ultimately the homeowners felt they were too cold. You need paneling to make a space this huge feel cozy."

To warm up the walls and keep the bricks, too, she decided to leave the range wall intact as a backsplash and hide the rest behind white-painted V-groove paneling. Eberle built new stud walls in front of the brick, securing them to the ceiling so that they could be taken down if the owners ever changed their minds.

To preserve the soaring plaster ceiling, which had survived the years without water damage or cracks, the designers added coffering to make it seem less stark and to hold new wiring and ductwork.
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