The Flavel House Museum at Christmas

This Gingerbread House is a 100% edible interpretation of the Flavel House Museum located in Astoria, Oregon. German-born architect Carl W. Leick built The Flavel House for Captain George Flavel and his family in 1885 as Captain Flavel's retirement home. Captain George Flavel was a noted river bar pilot on the Columbia River and a prominent Astoria businessman.

The Flavel house survives today as a landmark of local and national significance and is known as one of the best-preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture in the Northwest. Tools used to create this gingerbread house include a band saw, micro plane, X-acto knives, silicone mats and rollers, and assorted cookie cutters and molds.

Ingredients used in the construction and decoration of the Gingerbread house include the following: 15 pounds of flour (approx.), 12 pounds of confection sugar, 8 pounds brown sugar, 9 cups of molasses, 4 quarts of whipping cream, 22.5 pounds of fondant, vanilla extract, piping gel, food coloring, gelatin sheets, ginger, sugar cones, cinnamon, dill weed, whole dill seed, crushed red pepper, whole rosemary, parsley, pasta, luster dusts.

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