Main Street

This entry is a grouping of three gingerbread house shops along a cobblestone street. They are all decorated for the coming holiday. Everything is edible except the plywood board it is sitting on. Before baking any gingerbread, a template was made with cardboard, a ruler and an X-Acto knife. The cardboard was taped together with masking tape to ensure all pieces fit together and were to scale. Then, the dough was made and rolled out with a rolling pin, the template pieces were placed on the dough and cut out with a pizza cutter. After baking and cooling, the pieces were decorated with colored royal icing, and a variety of candy and decorations were used. The little wreaths and jimmies were placed with tweezers. After decorations were set and dry, icing was spread with a knife onto the edges of the pieces, they were pressed together and left to dry. The last step was the landscaping, which included the snow, the cobblestone street, and the trees and bushes.

Jeanne K
Frederick, MD
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