Grand Prize Winner: Forever Autumn

This fall scene was fashioned after my favorite time of year and my childhood dream of having a tree house in my backyard. So now, as an adult, I finally built my own tree house! The tree trunk is made by stacking round gingerbread cookies with royal icing sandwiched between. The limbs are pretzels. I used a cordless drill with a small hole saw to drill holes to insert the pretzel limbs into. The trunk and limbs were then covered with brown fondant and painted with melted chocolate. The tree stumps were made the same way.

All the children are made with gumpaste and fondant and modeled after my nieces, nephews, and stepson. The dirt is ground gingerbread and vanilla cookies and the dried grass is shredded wheat.

I hope you enjoy my childhood dream!

Amy W
Rincon, GA

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