Vintage Fans LLC will refurbish your antique fan
Photo: Vintage Fans LLC
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Vintage Fans LLC

Ceiling fans from the late 1800s to the 1930s, with their heavy metal bodies and old-growth wood blades, were built to last. So why forsake your antique for a less sturdy repro? Do what TOH's 2008 Reader Remodel Contest winner Sharon Wade did and send it to Vintage Fans LLC in Keller, Texas. In addition to making an old fan look and work like new, the company can apply any paint color or stain to the base and blades. Vintage Fans also sells whirlers to be restored, including an original 1934 Emerson Silver Swan with aluminum blades that capture the spirit of the Machine Age, along with the breeze. Starting at about $1,400 for a mechanical overhaul; about $2,750 for a complete restoration.
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