Secret Sources 2008

Welcome to our biggest, baddest (as in good) annual guide to the little-known items and resources that'll transform your house into a home like no other on your block. To create it, we tapped experts, both here at This Old House and among the tradespeople we know—as well as a few superhandy readers—to point us to those specialty products and services that are lifesavers when you're tackling a DIY project or need professional fix-up help. We've rounded up our list of favorites, including a bathtub refinisher who'll renew your vintage claw-foot and a no-polish zinc countertop that'll trim your KP duties, and we're excited to spread the word. Like you, we're all pretty budget-conscious these days, so we've included some special penny-pinching editors' budget picks for you to profit from. Read on for our top finds to get your own old house hum­ming again. Then, in the spirit of giving, pass it on.
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