making a kitchen fit in with a craftsman house
Photo: Jüergen Frank
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Fitting in With a Craftsman House

"We wanted to integrate the kitchen, which was isolated in a separate wing, and make it feel like it was always part of the house," says Kurth. Because the whole wing needed a more livable layout, the solution was to relocate the kitchen to where the breakfast room had been, bump out for an eating nook and pantry, and put a new family room in the old kitchen's space. The remodel established an easy flow from the kitchen to the adjoining dining room (in the main part of the house) and among the spaces in the reconfigured wing. The new kitchen's warm cherry cabinets, range hood, and crown molding, as well as reproduction Craftsman-inspired light fixtures, fit the old house's period style to a T. But its granite counters and muscular appliances are very much of the moment. Says the wife, "What people notice most is that, though the kitchen looks new, it fits in so well with the rest of the house."
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