combination smoker, grill, and roaster from hammacher schlemmer
Photo: Hammacher Schlemmer
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Hardworking Grill

Can't decide whether you want to grill, smoke, or roast your bird this year? Try this multitasker from Hammacher Schlemmer. The modular cooker is comprised of two cooking units. You can use them both together to roast or smoke (its airtight design maintains an internal temperature between 225 and 275 degrees), or you can take off the top one and use the bottom as a standard kettle grill. A porcelain-coated water pan can be filled with broth or wine to add moisture as the meat cooks, and dual 17-inch-diameter chrome-plated grill grates line the top and bottom of cooking chambers, allowing you to separate meat and vegetables. About $100, Hammacher Schlemmer
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