Queen Anne interior
Photo: Brian Vanden Brink

Queen Anne, on a Budget

Most people would call a house with gingerbread trim and walnut paneling a Victorian. But that’s a little bit like calling a Rolls Royce a sedan. Accurate, sure, but not really specific. Or at all detailed. And that’s what this particular species of Victorian-era house—more properly called a Queen Anne—is all about. Heaps of detail: a second story of shingles atop a first of brick, both strung with a garland of fancy fretwork; Moorish arches supported by Greek columns framed by Asian-inspired carving, all of it accented with stained-glass windows and furniture with fancy swept lines. For something named after a British sovereign, it’s pure American melting pot.

The handsome hearth, S-shaped table leg, and rich earth tones in this home in Swans Island, Maine, are typical of an authentic Queen Anne interior.
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