foyer with refinished entry doors and hardwood floors
Photo: Jason Varney
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Entry Doors

Soon 6 months stretched to 12. And by the time we geared up for a second year of hard labor, none of us could remember what we used to do with our free time. I ended up moving back in with my parents so that I could unload one mortgage. We were living, breathing, and talking about the renovation, even over dinner. Now I was really motivated to get the job done.

When you spend your weekends and holidays uncovering surprises in old plaster walls, sussing out weak beams, and relocating resident pigeons, it’s bonding. I had never felt closer to my dad, even when we got stressed out and in each other’s way as we tried to make fixes.

Shown: After sanding and refinishing, the mahogany entry doors and heart-pine floors inside regained their natural warmth.
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