portrait of Angela Dasher and her father Ed on front porch
Photo: Jason Varney
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Angela Dasher and Her Father, Ed

I wasn’t really looking for a new place. I already owned a house that more than met my needs as a ­single 25-year-old. But this one was big—3,150 square feet—and came with almost half an acre. It also came with many headaches, which my dad was quick to point out when I got him inside to take a look.

He clearly hoped I would change my mind. But I could tell he was also intrigued by the possibilities. One of Dad’s happiest memories is of building our family’s former house, with the help of my mom’s uncle, a contractor. Dad also took on the finish work at the house my parents now own. And this is the same man who, when I was 5, heard I wanted a playhouse and proceeded to build one, complete with a shingled roof, little glass windows, and a porch swing.

Shown: After almost three years of remodeling, owner Angela Dasher and her detail-oriented father, Ed, transformed a circa-1895 Second Empire house with gingerbread trim into a polished gem.
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