eco-friendly microfiber cleaning cloth
Photo: Courtesy of Eco-Cloth
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Green Microfiber Cleans With Water

The Eco-Cloth, a soft blue microfiber cleaning cloth, cleans glass and polishes stainless steel with just a little water. Left dry, it makes a great duster. The secret of its effectiveness is the engineered fibers, a combination of oil-loving polyester and water-loving polyamide, so small that 75,000 are packed into each square inch. Each fiber is 100 times finer than a human hair and segmented lengthwise into 16 strands. The segments work like one of those multi-edged windshield wipers to scoop up dirt and hold onto it without scratching. To clean an Eco-Cloth, just pop it in the washing machine on high heat and then dry it without softeners. The manufacturer claims it will survive 300 washings.

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