induction cooktop designed with controls accessible to the visually-impaired
Photo: Diva De Provence
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An Accessible Cooktop

More than 21 million Americans have vision loss, according to the American Federation for the Blind, and cooking can be a challenge for many. Diva De Provence's new tactile markings for its three induction cooktop models can make life much easier. Available as raised letters or Braille symbols, they can be placed under the controls, which are activated when a finger slides in an upward motion over the control. Consumers must first buy a cooktop, and then contact Diva de Provence to purchase the markings. (The company also recommends using the 3M Bumpons shown, which it does not sell, to indicate the location of each heating element.) Each marking is $25; each burner's controls requires a marking, Diva de Provence
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