thermador's sensor dome automatic electric cooktop
Photo: Thermador
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Cooking Goes Automatic

As life gets more hectic, any device that makes things simpler can be invaluable. Thermador's Sensor Dome is a retractable sensor dial that uses an infared beam to measure heat in cookware. It cycles on and off to maintain a precise temperature and to prevent boil over. Nine pre-programmed temperature modes are offered for a variety of recipes, such as pasta, potatoes, and deep-frying. Sensor Dome is available on three electric cooktops in the company's Masterpiece Deluxe Series: a 30-inch model with four burners and one sensor, a 36-inch model with five burners and one sensor, and a 36-inch model with five burners and two sensors. About $2,299-$2,499, Thermador
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