medicine cabinets with built-in extras
Photo: Wendell T. Webber

More Than a Mirror

This Old House reader Walter Williams of Homer, New York, sent us a good question: "How can I shave when the mirror keeps fogging up?" Barbara Serrell of Beaverton, Michigan, had issues with her medicine cabinet, too. Hers was so shallow she couldn’t close the door on a roll of toilet paper. So when condensation and crammed shelves stand between loyal readers and their first cup of coffee, we have to wonder: Shouldn’t a medicine cabinet keep you from getting steamed—and your Charmin from getting squeezed? Turns out great minds in cabinet design have been thinking the same thing. We’ve found over-the-sink answers to your every need, including hidden power strips for charging up your gizmos and doors that lock to keep out prying eyes. Some cabinets will even, yes, clear away the fog. Now if that’s not an incentive to rise and shine, maybe we should talk about a cozier robe.
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