Winner: Scott Christman, St. Augusta, MN

Squeamish readers beware. While restoring a turn-of-the century farmhouse in St. Au­gusta, Minnesota, Scott Christman, 34, nail-gunned his thumb to a 2x4 while reframing a bedroom ceiling. He was standing high on a ladder, working alone, cell phone out of reach. Scott reluctantly grabbed his hammer out of his tool belt, pounded on the board to loosen it, and climbed down. After sawing the board to a length that would fit inside his car, he drove to the hospital. There, using a saw normally employed to cut away casts, doctors tried unsuccessfully to remove the nail from the board. Frustrated and angry but ever resourceful, Scott demanded the doctors call the maintenance department. Workers arrived and split the 2x4 lengthwise to free the nail, which then slid out of Scott's thumb, proving once again that one should always use the right tool for the job.

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