an organic stain cleaner and odor remover helps prepare the cleaned attic for installation of new insulation
Photo: Heather Smith MacIsaac
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Neal Spraying Enzyme

With the old insulation completely removed, Neal uses a hand-pumped sprayer to apply D-Molish Now, an organic stain cleaner and odor remover, where the bat guano was most concentrated. Enzymes in the formula digest the source of the odor.

"With any wildlife control, it's not enough to remove the animal; you have to eliminate the odor, too," says Jim. "I've tried a lot of different products. This one worked on skunk spray, so I suspected it would be very effective on bat odor." Neutralizing the odor is not only desirable, it's essential because scent draws bats back to the roost. Bats have excellent homing instincts and can live to the age of 30, so every measure must be taken to dissuade and prevent them from returning to a roost they may have occupied for years.
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