Modern Composting
Photo: Mike Jensen
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Modern Composting

When layer after layer of yard waste is sandwiched between the parallel sections of wire that make up the composting fence (shown here), it almost looks like a stratified geological find. But this clever fence is thoroughly modern. Carlson designed and built it out of cedar posts and welded wire fencing, and topped it with an arbor draped in kiwi and grape vines. It also works as a privacy screen to shield the garden from the parking area. Most fallen leaves and clippings fit neatly inside, cutting way down on the amount of woody waste that needs to be hauled off the property. Wrens and chickadees are attracted to the dense wall of vegetation, and, best of all, over time the green waste breaks down to feed the plants around it. In addition, four bins are used year-round to turn manure, animal bedding, yard waste, and kitchen scraps into more compost to enrich the garden beds.

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