Light-Filled Laundry Room After
Photo: David Lamb
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Light-Filled Laundry Room: After

What they did: Borrowing a bit of space from the adjacent porch yielded a 128-square-foot L-shaped room big enough for a washer and dryer at one end and a landing for wet boots and dog supplies at the other. They built a new exterior wall and installed a laminate floor and new windows trimmed to match others in the house. A cabinet made by Barb and her dad holds laundry supplies.

Toughest part: "Envisioning what it would look like when it was done," says Barb. "We had to do it step-by-step. That took time."

Favorite finishing touch: Barb faced the cabinet door with some of the same beadboard they used for wainscotting in the ­master bath.

Timetable: Two years. "We do not work fast," says Barb.

Final budget: $3,000, plus plenty of sweat equity.
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