Magnolia Hall
Photo: Courtesy Natchez Garden Club
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Magnolia Hall

Thomas Henderson didn't get to enjoy his Natchez, Mississippi, house for very long. The newly built Greek Revival mansion was his home a mere five years until his death in 1863. Perhaps Henderson rued the brevity of his residence, because today he appears to haunt the house. In October 1985, a tour guide, Judy Grimsely, noticed an indentation on the pillow in the bedroom where Henderson had died. She assumed someone had forgotten to smooth it the night before, but then one of the lamps began blinking. On a tour that same day, a woman who identified herself as a psychic sensed that something tragic had happened in the room. She said that Henderson was trying to pronounce the word "medicine" in his final moments. Doctors and nurses who visit the house often smell laudanum, an opiate commonly prescribed in the nineteenth century. The Natchez Garden Club owns Magnolia Hall and opens it for tours.
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