Jean Bonnet Tavern
Photo: ourtesy Melissa Jacobs, Owner
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Jean Bonnet Tavern

Melissa Jacobs came to work one morning in Bedford, Pennsylvania at the Jean Bonnet Tavern and checked the rooms of the bed and breakfast as usual. The first time she walked past the attic bedroom, she noted that the door was closed and locked. Later, she went through the attic again, only to discover that the bedroom door was unlocked and open. A while later, she found the door locked and closed again. "I couldn’t believe it, and I knew it had to be a ghost,” Jacobs says. Clients who frequent the bed and breakfast have also reported other eerie occurrences. "A client told me about this one particular night during his stay. He was sleeping when all of a sudden he heard the rocking chair creaking and asked his wife why she was up. She rolled over and alerted him to the fact that she was actually sleeping beside him," says Jacobs. It is partly because of its reputation for paranormal activity that the guestrooms in the 1762 French Colonial building are booked a year in advance for Halloween, when the inn throws its annual ghostly bash. The tavern is open for dining seven days a week.
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