Conference House on Staten Island
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Conference House

On Staten Island, New York, the Conference House was the site of a failed Peace Conference was held between American patriots and British loyalists at the advent of the Revolutionary War. The 15-year-old girl who can be seen looking out at the Raritan Bay from a second-story window of the stone edifice died nearly 250 years ago. She is nameless, but that doesn't stop her from being mischievous. She is known for leaving rooms in disarray. Some say she is the spirit was a servant of loyalist Colonel Christopher Billop whose grandfather, Captain Christopher Billop, built the house in the late 1600's. Suspecting the servant of collaborating with revolutionaries, Colonel Billop allegedly threw her down the stairs, killing her. Others believe she is Captain Billop's servant Elizabeth who, forbidden to marry her love, hung herself in despair on the property. Still others think she is the ghost of a servant who the Captain stabbed with a fire poker after she disobeyed him. Whoever she is, you can visit her at the Conference House from April to mid-December 15 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
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