Nathan Hale Homestead
Photo: CT Landmarks
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Nathan Hale Homestead

All 12 children of Deacon Richard Hale lived at the Hale Homestead in South Coventry, Connecticut, including the Revolutionary War hero, Nathan Hale. Some of the Colonial-era Hale family make an appearance to this day. George Dudley Seymour, who purchased the house in the early 20th century, recorded ghostly sightings, including one encounter with Deacon Hale himself. He haunts the place along with a family servant named Lydia Carpenter, who is seen listening for tidbits of gossip at the doorways. Nathan's brother Joseph is also said to be heard stomping on the stairs and making a ruckus in the basement, rattling the chains he was bound in during his internment on a British prison ship. The Homestead is now owned by the heritage museum organization CT Landmarks, and though the staff won't confirm rumors of incorporeal residents, you can attempt to experience the paranormal here yourself when it's open from May through October for tours.
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