The Grove in Jefferson, Texas
Photo: Michael Whitington
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The Grove

Like many fans of This Old House, Mitchel Whitington works on his 1861 Greek Revival, known as The Grove on weekends. But unlike other DIYers, Whitington has company from the other side. One day, Whitington was home alone, moving boxes from the kitchen to the side porch of his Jefferson, Texas house. After repeatedly entering and exiting the house without a problem, Whitington suddenly found himself locked out. When he got into the house through another entrance, he saw that the kitchen door had been dead-bolted from the inside. Among the mansion's many ghostly inhabitants is Minerva Stilley, the original owner. "She is a lady in white who haunts the east side of the house, steps through a wall, and strolls the interior," says Whitington. "The wall she steps through to enter the house was an addition made in 1870." When Minerva was alive, there was a back porch and an entrance to the home in that very spot. Whitington shares these and other haunting tales on scheduled tours of what is now known as "The Most Haunted Place in the Lone Star State."
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